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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do you want to remove the rapper as one of the American idol Judges?

How could producers of AI retain the position of Minaj if she has a bad attitudes? This was happened when nicki threatened Mariah during their argument. It seems that the idol judges have conflict to each other or both of them are insecure. No one wants to be threaten for sure and its a kind of disrespectful. Just imagine NM would knock Carey down.

rapper threaten mariah

Mariah feels emotionally uncomfortable about this issues. If this was happened outside the camera, it is also possible that the one who threaten her would do it in reality.

It looks like the behavior of the rapper can't be controlled by the producers of the show. Or the drama of the two judges is scripted to attract more audience. If it is only a drama to get publicity then they are definitely wrong because they don't need to have such bad behavior. How will producers resolve this kind of problems? Do they need to get another judge and remove NM?

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