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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dustin Watts Audition on Idol [Video]

After the audition of Dustin Watts on Idol, it seems that he wins the way to Hollywood. He is good looking guy and vocal chops who sang the Garth Brooks hit ‘She’s Every Woman’. He is 27 year old and a firefighter.

Judges love the style of Dustin, According to Mariah “There’s something special about you,” while Keith Urban “You’ve got a great style,” he added. “You’ve got confidence.” For Nicki Minaj, “I think you did it with ease, and to me, you look like a country star.” What do you think of his performance? Do you think he will win the idol?

Related Auditioner - Burnell Taylor

Burnell Taylor Audition on American Idol [Video]

Burnell Taylor is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, 19 year old from Louisiana sings the “I’m Here”, and got the heart of the judges.

According to them: "I loved it. I can't even -- I felt every single word you sang. Just spectacular," says Mariah. And Nicki chimes in, "That is what we came for. I feel like we've been flying all around this country for that ... that wasn't even an audition, that was just entertainment for us.", and "Somewhere there's a spotlight right now waiting for you to walk into it.", Keith said.

Another promising star Dustin-Watts

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brian Rittenberry sings Let It Be - Idol Audition

Another promising star, Brian Rittenberry faces different challenges in life including auditions American idol and cancer wife survivor. Judges loved him when he sings Let it be. Mariah says, "I didn't expect that and you took me by surprise. I seriously enjoyed it" and Keith says, "Good light about you, soul, husky and cool and your vibrato's great. Other than that, it sucked. [laughs]."

Do you thing he can survive in the idol and make his way to hollywood? here is another promising star Seretha Guinn

Seretha Guinn with her Adorable Daughter Audition on American Idol

The audition of 26-year-old Seretha Guinn. She sang R&B the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and got a positive response from Nick Minaj "Incredible. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud you have the baby and with her father getting in that horrible accident. I can't imagine. You're a superstar,", Another next promising star.

Do you thing Seretha Guinn will be the next american idol? She got the attention of the judges after telling a personal story about her boyfriend. She auditions the singing competition together with her adorable daughter. Watch the video below

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hudson says American Idol, Go out on Top

Its time to go out on top as Jennifer said in her statements. Hudson is a product of American idol show, spokesperson, an actress and Oscar-winner. She says "Everything has its time. I think it should just allow itself to go out on top... and gracefully". So for him it seems that it is better to end while on the top of its rating. It also said that idol changed the face of television, and she is proud to have come on the show.

The rating of Idol is still declining, despite the facts that the set of panel changed. In fact, reality shows such as x-factor and the voice have got the attention of the audience. The simplicity of the show is highly appreciated by the hug audience that's why its rating is going up which is in contrast to the rating of American singing competition.

Many artists become successful because of American Idol including Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Idol premiere is getting worst

The premiere rating of the singing competition is getting worst and the lowest of all idols’ premiere. The ranking is getting down up to 19 percent from last year. Currently AI got 17.9 million viewers. Despite this fall, idol is still the top mostly watch singing competition.

It seems that the combination of Mariah Carey and Nick Minaj are not appreciated by the musical fans even though they made an issue that get a lot of reaction, and reality shows become the biggest trend. The feud between the judges is not enough to raise the rating of the show.

Just wait and see the season 12 of the American competition. Many aspiring contestant are very talented including Louisville teen Brandy Neelly, a barely seen Hollywood contestant in Seasons 10 and 11, Season 11's Johnny Keyser, who built a sizable following before his elimination and Kiara Lanier, who once sang for a President Obama fund-raiser

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Across the Country Premiere Episode of Idol

The first episode of the American idol will be going outside the country for 1 week free. Fans can have the opportunity to watch the event via television satellite from Los Angeles to venues in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Detroit, Boston, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Houston. Source: Premiere Screening and Live Interactive Q&A Event

The event is a live screening and Q&A to the new set of panel including Minaj, Keith Urban and Mariah together with the host Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson. Host will have the chance to ask about different issues particularly the feud between Carey and Nick, and the exit of the previous judges.

Ticket for screening in 12 cities can be requested by through Idol RSVP; fans can log to the site to request a free ticket. Successful supporters are emailed for notification; it’s a first come first serve basis.