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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Idol premiere is getting worst

The premiere rating of the singing competition is getting worst and the lowest of all idols’ premiere. The ranking is getting down up to 19 percent from last year. Currently AI got 17.9 million viewers. Despite this fall, idol is still the top mostly watch singing competition.

It seems that the combination of Mariah Carey and Nick Minaj are not appreciated by the musical fans even though they made an issue that get a lot of reaction, and reality shows become the biggest trend. The feud between the judges is not enough to raise the rating of the show.

Just wait and see the season 12 of the American competition. Many aspiring contestant are very talented including Louisville teen Brandy Neelly, a barely seen Hollywood contestant in Seasons 10 and 11, Season 11's Johnny Keyser, who built a sizable following before his elimination and Kiara Lanier, who once sang for a President Obama fund-raiser

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