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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Halie Hilburn on her Way to Hollywood [Video]

As an idol contestant, who auditioned with a new way of entertaining audience, judges were a little more impressed and amazed by her unique talent, Ventriloquist Halie Hilburn made her way to Hollywood with her puppet named Oscar the dog.

Halie got a positive feedback from the panelist. She sang a “I Wanna Be Your Cowboy Sweetheart” together with her puppet, and did the song very proud. Below are the comments of the judges

“This is wild. What is this?” said Randy Jackson. ”I don’t understand how to vote. I’m a little confused.”

But once Hilburn ditched the sidekick, her voice really shined.

“I think Oscar’s holding you back,” Keith Urban told her afterward. “You can sing! I loved it!”

Mariah Carey commended Hilburn’s “beautiful” vocal but warned her, “I think you guys are going to have to sever the ties a little bit to pursue your career.”

Halie Hilburn is another promising star. Isn't it?

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