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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colton Dixon Reviews and Updates

Say Goodbye to Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon Voted Off April 19 American Idol

Jimmy Iovine suggested In the real world, there's no reason Colton Dixon would be made to sing a Stevie Wonder song. "This is not his wheelhouse."
Colton Dixon: I had a feeling I was in the bottom three, so that didn't surprise me that much, especially after I was standing next to [Jessica Sanchez] and [Phillip Phillips]. That was kind of a giveaway to me, but you know, I was surprised just because I had never been in the bottom. But at the same time, I'm okay with it and I'm glad Hollie gets to stay longer. She's going to kill it next week and all is going to be well.
But honestly, it all happened so fast and since I had never been in the bottom, I didn't fully understand what was going on. And even this morning when I woke up, like I was thinking, "Okay, well, you need to get ready for the mentor session," and I'm like, "Oh wait, (laughs) that wasn't a bad dream last night."
It's weird. It's weird being on the other side of things and outside of the Idol bubble. But again, I'm excited for what's coming up and everything's going to be okay.
Honestly, I don't even know what to say. I think this season, if a girl is going to win any season, it's this season. The girls are so good, but then again, you look and you have [Joshua Ledet] and Phillip Phillips still in it.

Colton Dixon: Decode - Top 25

Randy Jackson: You almost made it last year.
Jennifer Lopez: You sing from your heart.
Steven Tyler: You are truly a relevant artist today.

Colton Dixon - What About Now

'Idol' Castoff Colton Dixon Visits Ellen

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