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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jessica Sanchez said America Enjoys Male Singers

Jessica Sanchez American Idol Season 11 Runner-up

"I never thought I was going to win," she told MTV News. "And I think at that moment, during the finale, I knew I wasn't going to win, and I was like, 'Let me just sing my songs, let me have fun, let me be in this moment.' Even making it to the finale surprised me. You saw my face!"
Jessica Sanchez Musical Style: Rhihanna, Michael Jackson, Etta James, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyonce
"It was confusing, because it was the winning song, and you try to pick a song that you'd want to put out as a single but also that would sound good when you won the competition. ... I felt like I had to sing a vocally strong song but also one that was kind of mainstream, and that was in the middle, kind of," she explained. "And even listening to it, I was telling them, 'Some things have to be changed in this, because this is not completely me.' And when we did that, nothing was really that changed, and that's why it came out like a pop single. I totally agree with Randy [ Jackson]: That song was not me at all. I want to do pop, but, like, just a sprinkle of it, not a whole bucket."

" 'American Idol' isn't fixed. It really is America, and if America enjoys [male singers], then they do. I'm just here to please my fans, and make music for them. Now that the competition is over, I can do that and be happy with that," she said. "But it's definitely one thing that pushed me to want to really win. ... I was doing it for my family, I was doing it for myself because I loved it, but I just wanted a girl to win this year so bad — even if it wasn't me. It could've been Hollie [Cavanagh] or Skylar [Grey]. But I was just like, 'We gotta show that girl power!' "
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