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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Phillip Phillips Beggin by Madcon American Idol Season 11 Top 3

Steven's impressed. "Do you believe this guy?" he says.

"You know what? You catch a groove in the song that's all yours, and you just ride it all the way home," Jennifer says. "It was great."

"When you're facing the sun, the shadows fall behind you," says Steven, predicting that Phillip will be a new Bruce Springsteen if he writes his own songs. New Springsteen? That's pretty much the kiss of career death, like "new Bob Dylan."

"You have been in the zone since Day One," Randy says. "That was another incredible performance by you."

Who do the judges think won Round One?

"I don't know if there was a clear-cut winner," Randy says. "They all did exceptionally well." He thinks Joshua has a slight edge.

Jennifer, however, thinks Phillip's performances may have given him a leg up. So does Steven. "That's the magic here."

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