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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joshua Ledet Top 3 Performance Collection - American Idol Season 11

Joshua Ledet performs "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James at the Top 3 performance show.

Steven Tyler starts: "It was so surreal to hear somebody sing those old songs and deliver them. ... Out of 70,000, there's only one American Idol, and you sang like that one tonight."

Jennifer Lopez says they struggled with whether or not they should give him something more contemporary: "We just fed you what we knew you would feed back to us."

"You're such a classic stylist," Randy says. "This just fits you like a glove." He hopes Joshua can take that classic style and make it contemporary enough for the market.

How is tonight different, Ryan wonders? "Honestly, I don't know how to answer that," Joshua replies. "I know this journey has taken me through a lot of things. It gets tough at times, but I just think of where I've come from and how bad I want it."

Joshua Ledet performs "Imagine" by John Lennon at the Top 3 performance show.

"Another thank-you-God moment with you," Steven tells him.

"It was a pull-backed and controlled performance from you," says Jennifer, which she thinks is the hardest thing for him to do. She loves the way he digs deep into the song's meaning through the music. "That takes courage. That takes vulnerability."

Randy wants to know why he chose the song. "This song just connected with me," he said. He heard the song on the radio on the way to rehearsal one day, and the message hit him hard.

"I'm happy that you answered that, and you should carry that on into your career and into the future," Randy says. He says they see a lot of people sing songs they have no attachment to. "That's why every time you sing, people feel what you do. ... Brilliant, dude, brilliant.

Joshua Ledet performs "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige at the Top 3 performance show.

"At this point," says Randy, "it doesn't matter what you sing, you have laid everything on the stage there is to lay."

"You have this perfect marriage of knowing exactly what you're doing and letting completely go at the same time," Jennifer says, and she's getting worked up all over again. "That's the thing that's exciting about you."

"I watched you and I felt the last 40 years of the music business," Steven tells him.

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