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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips win american idol - Season 11 Top 2 Final

Why Jessica Sanchez will win the American Idol Season 11?

Jessica Sanchez is the first half filipino to compete in the american idol season 11. She's only 16 year old American of a Filipino-Mexican descent. She has the highest facebook likes and twitter followers, in short Jessica Sanchez has many supporters all over the globe. She Likes to perform with Beyonce and Fantasia; loves Eminem.

Top 3 Selected Songs of Jessica

I'll Be There by Michael Jackson

Judges comment:
Randy - "I liked it OK, I didn't love it. There was never a moment, moment."
Jennifer - "Perfect tone in your voice. You came back and killed it so hard at the end."
Steven- "Perfect song, perfect voice. You nailed it."

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Randy - "It started a little slow. I was waiting on a big moment and dude you delivered!"
Jennifer - "That was amazing. That note at the end sent everyone into the heavens."
Steven - "You just took a great song and made it greater. Beautiful."

My All by Mariah Carey

Randy - "That was absolutely beautiful, perfectly the right song for you."
Jennifer - "Hard song, but you did it so beautifully and you did it in your own way."
Steven - "Jessica when you sing you make people hang on your every note."

As of May 19, 2012 Jessica has 373,217 Twitter followers and 225,388 Facebook likes.

Jessica Sanchez Message

"I'm happy but I'm shocked at the same time. I was like a girl that just auditioned a few months ago and to make the final two and being so young, it's a lot to take in," Sanchez said. "It's a 50-50 chance of winning. I'm scared and nervous and excited at the same time."

Why Phillip Phillips will win the American Idol Season 11?

Phillip Phillips is an American singer from Leesburg, Georgia. He is an amazing singer. Phillip names Dave Matthews, Johnny Lang, Mumford & Sons, and Tool among his musical influences. He does not like love songs. He said “I don’t like gushy love songs or songs that are just stupid and make no sense at all. If you write a love song, make it different — don’t just write, ‘I love you baby, you are so wonderful …!’ It aggravates me.

Top 3 Selected Songs of Phillip

We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger

Randy - "The perfect song at the perfect time and your best performance on the show ever!"
Jennifer - "There are about 20 million girls out there who wish you were singing to them."
Steven - "You just showed that you've got all that passion wrapped up inside of you."

Disease by Matchbox 20

Randy - "It was such a subdued moment from you. We need a bigger moment from you now."
Jennifer - "That was an easy flowy performance. It was good."
Steven - "It wasn't over the top, but it was Phillip Phillips."

Beggin' by Madcon

Randy - "You are so in the zone and you have been in the zone since day one."
Jennifer - "You catch a groove and you just ride that all the way home. It was great."
Steven - "It's so beautiful to watch you unfold. I'm hoping that you write your own songs."

As of May 19, 2012 Phillip Phillips has 188,085 Facebook likes and 305,595 Twitter followers

Phillip Phillips Message

"I can't believe it's down to two people, because I remember in Hollywood Week there were hundreds of us and at the stadium (for early auditions) there were thousands of us and I never, ever dreamed or ever thought I would make it this far. It's so crazy," he said.

"I didn't think I was going to make it through Hollywood Week. That was tough, a tough thing to do, man. God has blessed me so much with this. Me, (third-place finisher Joshua Ledet) and Jessica and all of us, we always pray just to have fun with it. It's an experience that not many people get to have. It's amazing," he said.

American Idol Top 3 Related Performance May 16, 2012

Steven and Randy Advice for Top 2
Joshua Ledet - "I'd Rather Go Blind", "Imagine", "No More Drama"
Jessica Sanchez - "I'll Be There", "My All", "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
Phillip Phillips - "Beggin", "Disease", "We've Got Tonight"
Joshua Ledet Journey

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